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The New Graduate Honor Council

In February 2016, the Faculty Senate established the Graduate Honor Council (GHC) to investigate cases of possible violation of the Honor Code by graduate students in coursework.  This website includes a summary of the composition and procedures of the Graduate Honor Council as well as how to report a graduate student whom you observe or suspect violated the university’s honor code.

Questions regarding the Graduate Honor Council can be addressed to the violation reporting email address, gradhonor@rice.edu.

The GHC adopts the spirit of the constitutionby-laws and procedures of the Honor Council except as modified by the GHC Policies and Procedures. Below is a brief summary of those procedures. The complete GHC Policies and Procedures can be found on the Faculty Senate and Honor Council websites.  This information is also be referenced in the 2016-17 General Announcements.

Additionally a diagram of the Honor System can be found here.